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Personal Training

Personal lessons are focused on individual skills for a player. This entails one on one lessons with the client and I. The first lesson I will put together a series of drills to evaluate the client. My goal is to not only improve their skills but to change the way they work out as well as their mind set. By setting goals for themselves on and off the court making them a all around better player. while doing this I hope to build a relationship with my client, making this experience more than just a work out .

Total training session for one hour for 50$


Group sessions give players the ability to interact with other players of the same ability. Not only does it improve their sportsmanship qualities. They also get to be in a competitive atmosphere and learn to thrive in different break down scenarios of the game.

$45 Per Player 

Mind, Body & Basketball package



MIND, BODY & BA.....

This package takes care of the player in every aspect of their athletic life. Not only will they get basketball skills and development training. But I will give them a goal book with questions that will spark their thinking process. Opening up the players mind and getting them to recognize their abilities to be goal driven will give them the confidence they need on and off the court. On-top of all of that I teach the kids the importance of nutrition, stretching and recovery all things that will lead to an extraordinary player but more importantly lessons they can keep long after they are done playing.


These clinics are held monthly. I like these clinics to be relatively small. Having about 15 hard working players. These clinics are held Saturday mornings each clinic will focus on different skill sets of the game. I put them through different drills that have to do with the theme of the day. I touch on everything from defense of stance to having the correct form when you shoot. I also put in a lot of my favorite drills that I have learned throughout my basketball career that I use myself. I also bring in different basketball athletes to help out and give the players a different insight on the game. My goal is to motivate these players and to make this a growing and competitive atmosphere for this community.

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Meet, Greets & Hosting

These meet and greets are to help inform, inspire and motivate young players. Ill be talking a little bit about my journey so far as a professional basketball player and as a coach. As well as give off the court techniques that will help them grow into strong, independent members of society. Also available through zoom!

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