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Why I chose Keani I like Keani, because she cares so much about us, kids. I remember when she showed up to a practice and it had been a week since we practiced because we were practicing outside and it just had rained, and she said That was to long, I missed you guys to much." Hearing that was like, she doesn't just show up to practices to coach, she shows up to them to have fun but also to teach us so much and see us get better. Keani being my coach is a lot of fun, my basketball skills have developed so much. To sum it up, Keani was just an amazing basketball player and now an amazing coach Her energy, enthusiasm, commitment, dedication, is so amazing. She is such a phenomenal player, coach, and person. I hope you see how awesome Keani is because I do. 

Taylor Grant "6th grade"


My problem with club sports and sports in general is that no coaches ever stop to appreciate and take the time to acknowledge the extremely important and everlasting impact they are making in these kids lives. Sports shape character and build life skills that will set these athletes apart. Keani Albanez has ALWAYS understood this component and makes it beyond clear in her interactions with each child that she appreciates and values the opportunity she’s given to help shape lives in a positive and supportive manner. My daughter was at an all time low and questioned her self worth and purpose, Keani helped her find her way back to herself by accepting her lows and encouraging her highs. We will be forever grateful to Keani for being a true person to our daughter, thank you for always seeing more than the surface❤️ Courtney and Jose Valdez.

Cassandra Valdez - 14 years old


Ella Stone - 13 years old


What makes Keani Albanez the best trainer is her energy, enthusiasm and experience. She brings it to every workout and her players can’t help but match her energy and enthusiasm.  My son’s game has grown so much under her tutelage.  She’s one of the best in the business and kids love her.  Great trainer and an even better person!

Crew Sjovold - 6th Grader

Super happy that Shelby asked me what day it was because she "can't wait till Friday to see Keani again" and "I had so much fun!" I just want her to have fun learning while falling in love with the game. Thanks Keani for an amazing smile that was my baby girls face!!!

Shelby 8 years old "Youngest Client"


Grace and Garrison Goldberg

K.A. Academy is fantastic.  Being a former professional athlete, and now a coach at the College level, Keani brings a unique skill set to young kids to learn and strive to excel at basketball.  Not only do I feel she is phenomenal with her teaching style, she has patience which enables kids to feel safe and comfortable to fail, with the desire to then succeed.   I have boy-girl twins who attend KA on top of being members of local club teams.  The added reps, training, practices, and attention they receive from Keani have made them love the sport even more

- Gary Goldberg

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