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KA Stars 
Family Beach workouts



Coach Keani has her annual page youth center summer camp. In this video it also shows her coaching a clinic in Hawaii as well as in Santa Barbara with a local club team.

Set the example. Practice what you preach!


Everyone loves a good story. Every story starts with a normal person who goes through trails that leads to a miracle happy ending. Stories can be powerful, it can lead someone you’ve never met to do something no one has even thought of. My point for my documentary is to tell pieces of me in hopes that it inspires people to do the same. 2020 has put limits on all of us but this is just a chapter, a trail , a struggle it will not start or end with this year. But it will give you something to over come, and who doesn’t love a underdog.



Keani Albanez & Dee Pinkard are the founder of SoCal’s Premier basketball camp. Coach Albanez is the director and sees the value in collaboration of great local coaches. Top tier coaches come together and provide a fun filled basketball fundamental experience. Kids elevate their knowledge of the game as well as build self confidence as a player. Pro and collegiate players also do questions and answering to help kids understand what it takes to get to the next level.


Keani has also hosted and coached basketball camps in different countries around the world. Panathinaikos is one of the most prestigious basketball clubs in all of Europe.

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Albanez has helped in Cairo Egypt, even in a different language she finds a way to share the love of the game to the kids.

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Mamba sports academy trainer, where Keani got to work with the best of the best trainers as well as top talent in America.

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